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Who Are We?

Simply put, we are the most successful political media firm around! Sound overreaching? We haven’t lost a political race in 2 years, and in the past decade over 80% of our campaigns have been successful. We don’t win awards – we win campaigns!!! And, really, what good is second place to a politician?

Where Are We?

We aren’t from Washington, D.C.! Honestly, hasn’t all creativity drowned in the Potomac River? We are located in Memphis, Tennessee – and yes, we have telephones and recently added the internet. If all else fails, we have a well-trained pigeon on standby.

What Do We Do?

We are experts at identifying, targeting, and delivering a powerful message for your campaign or product. We create and design television, radio, and print ads that build a relationship with you and your market. Whether it is through traditional media or social networking sites, we know how and where to deliver your message.